How To Reflect Debt?

Hello, I have a few loans taken out in Aave and I was hoping to reflect that as a negative balance in my portfolio. Is there any way that I can reflect debt? Perhaps a workaround if not fully supported?

You could manually add a withdrawal of the amount of the debt? Let me see.

Hmm, I’ve tried a few things but no luck at this point. all of my loans are in a USD stablecoin… is there a coin that accointing supports that represents an inverse dollar? I could just point these tokens at that in my ‘missing funds’ page.

Thanks for all your help!!

Does this help?

Hey Matt,
Thanks for the reply. Tax-Loss Harvesting is super interesting and I appreciate the article. I will definitely give that a deep read before the end of the year. What I am doing is collateralized lending on AAVE. I would like to reflect my collateral as a positive balance (I can already do this). But I cant find any way to reflect what I have borrowed as a negative balance (debt).

I am able to point the interest bearing tokens at their coin counterparts and it works (ie. amUSDC) however I am unable to reflect the debt tokens as a negative balance (ie. variableDebtmUSDC). If accointing were to just add a coin that was worth -$1 it would totally solve my problem :slight_smile:

We have plans in the future to add a custom token. I am unsure if we will support a negative value.

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