How to manually enter missing trades through Changelly, etc

Back when I was pretty new to the whole crypto thing, I made a load of trades through the Changelly integration on the Coinomi wallet… which, in hindsight, was a ridiculously expensive way to trade.

Today, I’m trying to work out how to manually enter these into Accointing, which only sees withdrawals and deposits… but doesn’t allow the user to pair these as a trade. This is creating a lot of problems down the line…

So, what it the best way to enter this manually? For instance, a trade that turns VGX into ETH. I’m thinking maybe:

  • Create order in Verge wallet, swapping VGX for ETH
  • Create internal in ETH wallet, stating same amount of ETH received from Verge wallet

Is this correct, or is there a better way?


How many trades are they? Maybe the Template would work better for you if you will be entering the transactions manually any how.

Thanks. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the answer. :expressionless:

So, presumably, the best way to do this would be to make a single sheet of all transactions, then separate them into individual tokens and upload them to corresponding wallets…

Since these wallets won’t have an assigned address, exchanges will no longer recognise that deposits came from them. What’s the best way to fix that? If I create a corresponding withdrawal, will Accointing recognise that and allow me to make it an internal transaction? Or do I simply need to delete the deposit transaction in the exchange wallet and create an internal transaction?

Advice much appreciated.

Hi @TofuA! will allow you to mark them as internal transactions as long as the time stamps and amounts match as well as the ticker. Let us know how it goes and if we can help you out with anything else.

It would be really handy if we were allowed to manually pair internal transactions, since I have loads that don’t fulfil this criteria. And my friend has the same issue.

Back in 17/18, in particular, I have:

a) Transactions that took over 18 hours to clear
b) In-wallet token swaps (via services such as such as Changelly) which currently shows as independent withdraws and deposits.

CoinTracker allows you to change the receiving and depositing addresses to any wallet you’ve told them about. While I prefer your product overall, I really miss the ability to untangle my own transactions without relying on your algorithm to determine what is and what isn’t an acceptable internal transaction.


This makes absolute sense. However, we need to prioritize tasks. You can definitely add that to our feature requests category and have people vote on it. That way, I can pressure product to make it happen.