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In short:

We need

  • a search button in the performance mode!
    (if you traded with a bot and have 50 pages of coins it takes so much time to find a coin)

  • an option to group wallets and exchanges which arent’t in use anymore
    (after trying several exchanges you get more and more wallets/exchange windows
    … its quite a mess at my dashboard)
    → why don’t create a “exchange” format for Ledger and get all
    the different coins in it and group it in wallets ?

  • a better filter funtion for “all transactions”
    (we all know how hard it is to get your coins right, and then there are staking incomes… so when i
    search 5 transactions I have no choice but to search trough all the 250 transactions without the
    staking income/airdrop …)

… I could write more, but that would be a fine start!



I second that.
Also, add a function in the overview to see in which wallets a certain coin is. Would be very handy for people with lots of wallets and coins.


Definitely would love to be able to “hide” unused wallets. But more than anything i would love to see support for Layer 2s such as Arbitrum, Optimism, Zksync, and Immutable X. PLEASE :pray:

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I have submitted your feedback :slight_smile: