How to handle token swaps

I’m confused about how to handle entries for purchases of Vechain (VEN), which is now Vechain (VET). It swapped from one to the other in July 2018. The VEN->VET swap ratio was 1:100. Currently the VEN entries look like this:

Accointing says this transaction needs review, but I’m not sure what to do. It recognizes the coin as VEN. What am I supposed to do here?

Hi donpel, hope this will help you, I too bought vechain in 2018, and jolly glad I did too!!

First you need to visit the “review” “unknown currencies” section and look for VEN there, it should be listed. Just enter VEN in the… Oh! I’m not getting that in my screen, my VEN token isn’t listed here although I’m sure it used to be. Anyway try matching it to VEN. I use the binance API but I see your transaction is manual but the binance API dumped a Deposit of VET in on 24/07/2018. I then categorised this as a Swap then entered a manual Withdrawal of the VEN token, same date and categorised this also as a Swap. It reconciles fine and VEN doesn’t appear in my list of tokens. Not sure how to deal with VTHO yet though so any pointers would be gratefully received!