How to deal with token swaps

Dear community,

I am struggling a bit with a Main Net Swap of the token XCZ. It was on Binance wallet and automatically it was swapped to the main net token. This caused a deposit of the same token. Now my balance on Binance is still the same as before the swap, but the calculated balance on Accointing appears to be double that.

See here:

I tried to add an order in between, but since its the same ticker Symbol, the system doesn’t allow that.

Also tried to classify the deposit as “swap”, but this doesn’t affect the balance.

Finally i could create a withdraw before the swapping deposit, but since it then would be the same walltes, it would not be identified as internal. This would lead to creating an extra Token Swap wallet. Cant believe that I must do such dirty workarounds.

Any other ideas on that?

Thank you <3

Can you help me understand your issue?
This is what I understand, so help me if I am wrong.

  1. You Swapped ETH for XZC
  2. Your XZC was automatically swapped to another coin.

Or if there is a duplicate transaction, just classify one as ignored.

No, actually i traded ETH for XZC. No Problem with it. But when XZC moved to mainnet, my Account was granted with the new XZC token.

Nothing else from the API. But its ok, i just ignored the granting transaction. Thank you. The Topic can be closed.

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yeah, it sounds like you handled it right. since it was the same coin in the same wallet that extra deposit could just be ignored since its not really a swap if it is the same coin.

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