How to capture multiple buys and receipts for an ICO properly

As part of an ICO I have made multiple purchases and received the coints it multiple batches. How can I properly capture this with accointing.

Currently I have

  • multiple (e.g. 10) outgoing transactions (into the ICO)
  • multiple (e.g. 2) incoming transactions (for coins received via the ICO)

With the current functionality it seems that I can only match exactly one outgoing to one incoming transaction. How can I manage a more complex ICO entry as described above?

What wallet or exchange did you use to purchase these ICO?
Make sure to classify them properly: Crypto Tax Classifications : Accointing AG

I have used the Metamask for purchasing and receiving the coins. It seems that it is only possible to connect exactly one outgoing with one incoming transaction for an ICO.

However I need to connect multiple outgoing transactions to one incoming transaction for the ICO. How can I do this?