How does one change the email for their account?

I’ve got a new email and want to change my account to use it but unable to do so from the account settings. How do I do this?


Currently it is not possible to change your email address.
What you can do is setup a completely new account, if you have a paid account email us with the existing account and the new one and we will send over a 100% discount code.


I have the same problem. I dont have an paid plan.

You say I can create a new Account - can I easily transfer my old data or do I have to set up everything from scratch?

Thx in advance

Setting up a new account is too laborious. I have requested the ability to change email address as a feature. In the meantime, should I contact support and ask to have my email changed that way?


Here is what @androidboy was talking about, merging the 2 topics now:

@ruso you could do this in the Full Data Set.

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