How do you define the tax year?

I’m a little confused here. I want to do a tax report for the year 2021 and it says I “need to upgrade the following packages to do the report: Tracker 2021 (#1785/25)”
I bought the Trader package but it seems that the package is for the year 2022 (which was the default setting when entering the website). That doesnt make any sense. There is no point in buying a product you can only use a year from now. Am I missing something here?
If it was my fault, is it possible to change the package to the year I actually need a tax report for? If not can I cancel my subscription with money back within 14 days?
And most of all what’s the point of the default setting for the wrong tax year on the website? Please help.

Please email us about this and we would be glad to fix this for you :slight_smile:

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