How do I put the cost basis and sale proceed into a manual transaction

I have had to enter some trades manually. Often, the trade is BNB for another coin. The BNB always shows the cost basis in my dataset, but the coin I am swapping for does not pick up any info. When I sell the other coin, it shows no cost basis nor any sales proceed. Since several of there are loss transactions, I need to capture this for taxes. How?

Accointing gets its fair market value of the coins from CoinMarketCap. To set its cost basis, we take the time at which you transacted the coin to the price of the coin on CMC.

Or you can do an OTC trade:

Hi Matt

I understand how the cost basis should be established and I agree with the method. However, it does not seem to be occurring. I have about a dozen swaps where I traded a coin, usually BNB, for another coin. Most of these were also made on Pancake swap, so as a result I needed to manually put the order transaction into the wallet. The transaction history shows the cost basis for the BNB and also shows the sales price of the transaction. however, it does not transfer the sales price to the new coin as the cost basis for the new coin. When I sell the new coin back for BNB later, it shows a zero cost basis for the new coin. Do i have to try the OTC? although I am not sure it would work for a coin swap.

The problem with a decentralized exchange is that it can often be different from the fair market value that is reported from CMC, please do an OTC trade, that should set your cost basis correctly.

Thanks. I will try that. I did find one case where the coin is listing in Accointing, and is also listed on coin market cap, but coin market cap does not track the price history. The coin in particular was Fairlife. I assume that this is why the price was not found in coin market cap. So the OTC also did not correct the issue. Is there anything i can do in these cases?