How do i add Internal transfers including transfer fees?

how can i mark transfers als internals to different wallets/exchanges? these include fees aswell that have to be calculated on the difference between withdrawal and deposit on the corresponding wallets/exchanges. Internals i am talking about are not shown under Review - identify internals. they are shown under “classify transfers” where there is no option to mark them as internals.

Try this: Troubleshooting: Internal Transactions - The Hub on

Manual transfers with a fee is not working properly. If I transfer 50 XRP with a .02 fee from one wallet to another, only 49.98 should be recorded as being received. The needs to be a calculation in the system to subtract the fee for the submission amount.

Let me see if this is intentionally or not.

Let’s carry on this conversation about subtracting fees here:

That link doesn’t work

Sorry about that, Internal Transactions - The Hub on