How can I include all my funds from Binance Earn?

The majority of my funds at binance is not submitted via the API. The API connection was set up as instructed. As long as I miss out most of my funds I can’t use Accointing.


Unfortunately Binance does not have API endpoint for Binance Earn. Please refer to this guide on how to add the transactions manually to Accointing: Liquidity Pool Transactions - The Hub - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software

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I have just been informed that Binance now has a new “Tax Reporting API” that will allow third party vendors to collect all transactions necessary for filing taxes. Binance names Koinly as one of those vendors. Is Accointing also able to make use of this new API? More info here: How to Obtain Tax Reporting on Binance & Frequently Asked Questions | Binance Support

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The tax api that Binance added. Is just a new way of getting an API key where the access rights are preselected and no trade can be executed. So existing users don’t need to change anything, we will change our tutorials soon to prefer the tax API key because this ensures read-only rights.
ACCOINTING will always work with both, normal and tax api keys. The data is not different in any way, both keys are fully compatible with each other.