Holdings showing incorrectly after connecting wallets

The holdings and portfolio amount are not matching, the holdings value is way to high.

Check the solution in this post: Portfolio Value graph incorrect
Also can you send me a screenshot of your missing currieries under the Review tab?

Hi Matt,
I dont see any errors on the Review tab, how do i send you the screenshots?

I use the snipping tool to create a screenshot.

Click new to take a screenshot.
Then click Copy
Then paste it into your reply as if you are copying and pasting text :slight_smile:

Here is an article if prefer to read over watching a video.

TRUE ANSWER :slight_smile:
We are maaaaaaany to have this issue.
The right way to fix this is to go to follow the lnk : Accointing - Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracking & Tax Software"
Select each of your exchange accounts and click “fix for me”. I created my account just to answer this, it took me hours to figure this by myself… it should be pinned everywhere…

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