Holding period dashboard in UK

I paid for the trading plan in the UK. I don’t see the holding period dashboard under Taxes tab (only Report option)
Where can I access the tax-loss harvesting functionality included in this plan?

Here is some information, let me know if you need anything else :smiley:

Hi Matt-
The video on that screen shows the link to “Holding Period” under Taxes - this is what is missing for me, I only see Report under Taxes. My question is why is the Holding Period link not showing up for me.

Is is here for me:

Which plan have you paid for?

Hi- I paid for the trading plan, which should include this (according to the bullet list under the plan when I signed up)

Hey @123456789 this is weird, can you please fill this ticket and we will get this working for you.

For the receiving address, copy and paste the URL to your post here instead.

Hey, since you are from the UK the pooling method is used. But for pooling the holding period calculations don’t work, only for FIFO, LIFO, etc.

Pooling brings all the cost basis together and with that won’t have a longterm / shortterm setup.
There is a way to tax loss harvest a bit in the uk but it’s harder, we didnt build a feature for this yet
because of the 30day rule.

Basically: When you sell something today just to harvest and buy it back within 30 days it will use this buy back price as the cost basis for the sold asset. And because of this it’s very unpredictable to do loss harvesting.

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Hi- thanks for responding. Your pricing plan page is misleading for UK users since it specifically mentions the tax loss harvesting option even when clicking on the UK flag and seeing the price in GBP. (see attached picture)
Having said that, your software is a big step forward from Koinly which I was using previously. Specifically the integration with Binance API is much better.

Yes, I will inform the appropriate people about the plan descriptions for UK users :slight_smile:

I live in the US, so that is why I was confused and reached out to @Luca :slight_smile:

Here is some more information about LIFO, FIFO, HIFO and Single and Multiple deposit - see solution on this post:

We rebranded the Holding Period to the Trading Tax Optimizer (TTO)

And it is a free tool to use, you do not need a plan to use it! :smiley:

Please see if this is what you are talking about and let us know if you like the new look!

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