Holding period and average price not correct

I have two exchanges connected via api. all data are shown correctly.

I bought one year ago coind on exchange no1, send them to a wallet, now one year later I was sending them from a wallet to another exhange No.2

Neither the holding period (based on FiFo) nor the average price is shown correctly in the Tading Tax optimizer.

In this case its eays for me to see that its wrong because it were not so many transactions.

  1. How can this come?
  2. How to correct it?
  3. If a tool cannot calculate this properly its not useful for me and surely not for a trustful preparation for a tax declaration :confused:

When to moved them from one wallet to another, did you make it an internal transfer?

Well I cannot mark them as that, may be because its not the exact amount I transferred to the wallet

Well I finally made it by idnoring the api data from exchange 2 and adding the transactions manually form wallet to exchange 2.

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