HitBTC trades missing

hello, there are many trades missing from my HitBTC CSV, especially these with dead tokens. Like UMT, DIM, BBC, WRC. my balance ist completly wrong. traded in 2018

Hi @mukumuku85:

UMT doesn’t exist in CMC:

DIM is already available:

BBC has been added

WRC has been added

Make sure you take a look at the Review page for more information on your transactions:

Hi Rod thanks for adding! UMT is a big problem, because i bought a lot of it with BTC :frowning:

At least is was in 2018, so not a big deal for taxes, I do not think. Unless maybe you are still holding that same amount of bitcoin since 2018?
@Rod is there a way for Accointing to branch outside of Coin Market Cap for some coins? I know that CoinMarketCap does not have every coin. Should I make a separate post for this?

Yes Matt. That would be great. If we can post that as a feature request, that would be perfect so people can vote on it.

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Fetch Coin data from more than CoinMarketCap

@Rod there is it :smiley: and @mukumuku85 and @muksell vote for it?

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