HitBTC needs API integration! (EXCHANGE)

Please integrate HitBTC. It has an API.

Hi @onono! Thanks for the feedback. Hope you get enough upvotes to push this forward.

Hi @Rod, HitBTC is a nice exchange with some rare crypto and early implementation of some coins.

I tend to code my own crypto asset manager, based on a local database on my own system.

I don’t like to share financial data.

Hi @onono! All good…we don’t need it. Just hope you get some votes so we can prioritize the integration.

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The HitBTC is in the software’s list, but it can not even read in manually the HitBTC spreadsheet

Would you mind sharing your files (trades and deposits and withdrawals) with us at support@accointing.com so we can double-check it?

I just reloaded the csv files. There are 0.31126441725 USDT in my account missing.

The rest is correct.

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I sent an email to support with a typical CSV output file from HitBTC,

I although sent the original csv files to support, yesterday.

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Thanks for sending that over. We will take a look and get back to you but from the looks of it, it’s working for you now no @onono?

Sorry Rod, the USDT are still missing.

@onono did you check on the Review page if you are not missing some internal transactions?


No theses missing USDT are not there.

Hi @onono! Did you get a response from support already?

Hi Rod, I did get a response. That was not the solution but the problem seems to be solved. There are currently no more USDT missing.

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