Historical price EverGrow Coin EGC wrong

The EverGrow price used to have a wrong price for several days at the end of October in CoinMarketCap. This error was corrected recently in CMC. Can you please take over the corrected values für ECG in CoinMarketCap to Accointing?

We are still seeing some users that have transactions that are affected by the CMC price situation. This applies to all transactions that were executed while CMC was delivering the wrong prices. The price chart & history is already fixed, the affected users will need to switch their country twice (to a country of a different currency and then back to their currency), this will trigger a fresh fetch of the prices.
Here is an example:

If that does not seem to solve your issue, please check for duplicates in your full data set and get back to me :slight_smile:

Dear Matt,
unfortunatly it did not work. I tried the procedure several times.
Can you please help?

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You could do a OTC transaction to set the price right.
Over-The-Counter (OTC) Transactions - The Hub: Crypto and Bitcoin Tax Blog | ACCOINTING.com
May I know that date and time that you received your EverGrow in Oct and how much Accointing is off by?

Dear Matt,
the first EGC were bought in Oct. 14th. An OTC transaction would not help.
The value is off by 3 trillion usd

You could switch your order transaction into two order transactions. One selling the for Fiat, and the other one selling the Fiat for EverGrow.
That should fix the cost basis.

This issue will be fixed if CMC fixes its Evergrow price issue.

Dear Matt,
this does not work like this. I did not have any transaction during the time the prices are off.
And CMC already fixed the issue and has the correct prices. Therefore those prices should be taken over by Accointing in order to fix the problem.

You are right, CMC says that now the EverGrowCoin data has now been fully corrected.
Therefore, the Accointing system should also be corrected now automatically.

I manually tried it and put 1000000000 ECG into my account for 10/14/2021 at noon (EST) and it seemed to work as intended.


Since the issue did not auto-resolve, would you be willing to DM me your public wallet address or read-only API so that I can take a deeper look?