Hide Wallets/Exchanges with low balances

It would be useful to be able to hide wallets and exchanges that have low (set in Config maybe?) or zero balances.

Hi @UrbanCphort! Interesting idea. In which part specifically would you like to hide this?

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When viewing the wallet/exchange page I have quite a few old wallets and exchanges I have only used for a specific token.

Maybe rather than hide based on value you could add an archive property that could be checked on each wallet/exchange and then have a show/hide archived wallets/exchanges.



Yeah that would be an great feature.
I’ve also a few old Wallets like @UrbanCphort.

Hi @UrbanCphort ! Is it similar to this: Group function for wallets - #3 by Erzengel?

That would help as you could group all your old wallets etc in one group, but it is not quite the same thing.

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Maybe the function could be called, aktiv and passiv wallet.
If you had a toggel for example, you could decide on each wallet if you would like to see it on your dashboard or not. If you put than your wallet on passiv it will be still on the history for trades, but disapear from your dashboard.


Vote here: Hide Wallets/Exchanges with low balances