Help! Duplicate Transactions

This a post to report on my CoinStats experiment. As you might expect with anything Crypto, it’s a mixed bag.

CoinStats PROS

  1. Most of my portfolios/ wallets were able to import pretty easily. The Coinbase, CoinbasePro, Gemini and Kucoin connections seem to be providing accurate numbers and transactions. I have not done a complete audit, but so far, so good.
  2. I have a Solflare (Solana) wallet hooked to a Ledger. That wallet’s transactions need to be entered manually. That will take me an hour or two. We will see. I would say, overall, not a show-stopper for me. UPDATE: I was able to connect directly to the Solscan address and this is DONE. Transactions too! Sweet.
  3. CoinStats Web and iOS versions provide a lot of nice info. The MacOS version is a turd (locks up). I especially like the ALL portfolio feature that rolls everything up. That is huge.

CoinStats CONS

  1. The transaction history cannot associate movements in assets across wallets and exchanges. So, if you buy some ETH on an exchange and move it to another to earn some interest, you lose the original cost. Not good for accurate tax reporting.
  2. There is no built in Tax Reporting. I will need at get another service for that if Accointing cannot deliver. You can export to CSV, so that should allow for outputting to another service.

CoinStats is a nice tool for daily portfolio management, but lacks advanced dataset features like the “Full DataSet” concept that allows you to tweak your data to get the proper cost basis and categories for everything. CoinStats also lacks built in tax accounting. It provides some excellent UI features, especially seeing your entire portfolio and its sub-portfolios. If Accointing can get the bugs out of the current release and slowly add features to the UI, it will be on solid ground.

If I could make one system out of the two, I would be in Crypto Portfolio Management Valhalla.


I have the same issue on and Kucoin. Lately having too much issues with Accointing. Maybe it’s time to look for a different solution.


Accointing is likely scrambling to resolve the issues at this point. This is a fatal defect. I have 11 wallets and 12 exchanges on accointing - about half csv and half api - with almost 10,000 transactions over the last 18 months. In that time, I have spent literally HUNDREDS OF MAN HOURS meticulously going through every single transaction to ensure accuracy. There is just no way I’m going to even attempt to fix this manually.
If this is not resolved by accointing, I’m switching to Koinly. Up until a few months ago, I was maintaining both platforms out of curiosity to see how they performed. Accointing was a bit easier I felt to troubleshoot transactions and I liked the portfolio management features better. Other than that, not much difference. Koinly is superior for importing csv transactions, and even shows you a file import history. From what I can tell Koinly supports API import for everything that accointing does.
Pricing is about the same if I recall.


I just logged into my account to execute a strategy for tax loss harvesting before year end. I refreshed all my API’s and expected about 5 minutes worth of work to classify any new transactions. To my horror, I watched my entire account blow up and duplicate random transactions.

Affected exchanges:
–Coinbase Pro

I have been diligent in keeping my account very clean. I classify items on a timely basis, and write myself detailed notes so that I know exactly what happened just in case there would be a tax audit in the future. I have spent hundreds of hours on this. I will be UNIMAGINABLY ANGRY if this is all wasted.

I don’t think Accointing realizes how big this is. If I can’t make heads nor tales out of my transaction history, I then cannot execute a tax-loss harvesting strategy before leaving for the holidays, then Accointing’s “bug” will have cost me many thousands of dollars in DAMAGES. That deadline is New Years.

This is what a RESPONSIBLE company would do:

  1. Acknowledge the bug.
  2. Realize this is REALLY REALLY BIG and get all hands on deck from a technical resources standpoint.
  3. Put a warning on the main site so that people don’t inadvertently hit the wallet refresh buttons and blow up their accounts.
  4. Provide general description of root cause to the users.
  5. Provide rough timeline for a fix.
  6. Provide detailed instructions on what to do or not to do in the meantime. This includes updated instructions once the bug is fixed so everyone can check and reconcile their accounts.

Times like this define a company for good or for worse. Accointing…how are you going to define yourself?


AMEN BROTHER!!! Well said!

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The duplication issue has been resolved. What happened was that we merged a lot of untested code into production accidentally because we were trying to release a different feature out.
Now please refresh your wallets and do one of the following:

  1. Delete the duplicate transactions in the full data set.
  2. Delete and reimport wallets, then reclassify your fill data set.

We are looking into an option to make a 3rd option available.


I just “ignored” (the classification) all the duplicates before I saw this thread so now I can’t delete them. Everything is now all messed up.

What should I do? Should i still delete and reimport? Is there any way to roll back to what it was before the bug?

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We are working on a 3rd option. You can delete ignored transactions. Please refresh the wallet and then delete/ignore duplicates. or delete and reimport. OR wait for a possible 3rd option.
Accointing is terribly sorry for this and understand that this is a big issue and are working at fully resolving the issue. The worst part is that it happened on the weekend!


Thanks a lot for fixing this! I deleted all historic data, refreshed the import, and corrected classifications. It worked well.

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Manually deleting hundreds of duplicates is not a solution by any means. It is not even possible to filter after duplicates. It is also not a solution to delete and reimport everything in order to do the work again. I invested many many hours in the past to get everything right, without a possibility of doing a backup I never can be sure that my data is actually safe.
On a platform like this data integrity is really the most important goal, especially because it is also used for filing taxes.


Clearly, you guys need to reevaluate your SQA (Software Quality Assurance) program. I would assume you are using Git and that you have TWO sets of eyes on the merging tree, and that you REGRESSION test your builds in multiple environments before promoting them to production. These kind of mistakes can cost you a boat load of “good will” with your customers. I personally would like see a short YouTube from the management team there, outlining the changes that will be made to increase the quality of your software. I would say… if I do not see this… I will consider this a rudderless ship.


Duplicate issues are resolved with Coinbase pro and celsius but it remains with

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Just tried refreshing my wallets…no NEW duplicates, so that is definitely progress. Existing duplicates remain, as Matt stated.

I deleted both duplicates for a particular transaction, and then refreshed the wallet. The transaction showed up, but only once…so again, success.

Searching through thousands of transactions over years is not something that would be pleasant. And it’s totally unnecessary and inappropriate to ask your customers to do this when the problem was caused by extreme carelessness on your end (see @tomwilkpsu , sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. I don’t have his software experience, but I do know how to treat customers and mop up my own mistakes).

Building on what @sclowi said…I hope the “third option” is to allow users to opt-in to restore their accounts to their state as of the last backup before the glitch was introduced. Then I will be confident that long-past history won’t have been accidentally revised/changed, a refresh will import new transactions from the exchanges, and I should only have to worry about tidying up the last few weeks of transactions. This will also give the users a sense of control, so we can help you help us help you.


Data integrity is #1 priority. Looks like duplicate issue is repaired now but real data damage is not. People have thousands of transactions spread over multiple wallets and years. We need a back-up system in a case of next Chernobyl. If IT budget is limited it could be a separate paid option.


Well said, I did test drive CoinStats also and was thinking the same CoinStats + Accointing = Nirvana


@Matt can you provide a summary of the known exchanges/wallets that imported duplicates, and an applicable time range? I know coinbase, coinbase pro, and celsius were affected- any others? When should we expect to hear any update about potential option 3? Before new year?
I have nearly 2 years with 7,000+ transactions that have had countless manual adjustments made, so deleting/reimporting is not an option.
Any recommendations on how to go about identifying duplicates across a data set that large without manually scrolling through the entire list?

UPDATE 12/14/2021:
I resolved the duplicate transactions. Went through and deleted 674 of them one by one. I found it easiest to filter the full data set for each affected exchange one coin at a time, i.e. BTC, ETH, ADA, etc in the “Deposited” or “Withdrawn” filter field. This at least would show potential duplicates on top of or near each other in the list.
Also, for deposits/withdraws that I had previously classified as “internal”, I just looked for the “unknown sender” or receiver tag which were the duplicates.
Once that was done went back to wallets page and looked for yellow dots. rinse, repeat.


@Matt I would respectfully ask that this issue not be considered “solved”. The bug may be fixed, but there is a trail of devastation in everyone’s ledgers that hasn’t been cleaned up.


Of course not solved. Tried to sync Coinbase pro and again got a new set of duplicates!!!


:weary: oh man I am not all the way back… not sure if I can get things back in order.

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Option #3 is now available, please refresh your wallets and check your full data set, it should have deleted the duplicates for you automatically!!