Helium - The People's Network - Please add wallet tracking

I was wondering if it would be possible for Accointing to add auto-tracking to the Helium wallet transactions. Here is the explorer. PLease upvote in top left id this would be helpful for you :slight_smile:

Here is more information on how I figured out how to get the CSV, but I want to auto track it like my MetaMask.

Hi @MattLong6! Thanks for the information. Hope you get those upvotes!

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How hard is it to integrate this?

Hi @MattLong6! It’s not about how hard it is, but more about allocating the amount of time to projects that will affect the most amount of people. That’s why we leverage on votes to prioritize tasks. I do hope you understand.

I understand, but if it is easy like adding missing coins, it would be nice to add it quickly.
About how many votes do the top suggestions get voted on? I want to know how many people I need to convince :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe Nexo is next, Net Profit and 2FA.

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So about 8 votes to get to the top?

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I got 2 :smiley: me + 1.
Let’s go!!!

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I am very interested in the “Helium” project. Unfortunately I live in an area without any further nodes, but I think I’ll try it out soon, just out of curiosity. For this reason I support your suggestion and I think it is good. +1

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I also live in a rural area, check out my earnings here: May 2021 Miner Update (Helium HNT Hotspot, AVADO, Mysterium, Brave, and Pi) - YouTube

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Hey Matt,

liked your video.

Have been observing the project for some time, but at that time I didn’t dare to buy any hardware.
Now that I’m ready I just wanted to order a Nebra or Bobcat (EU version).

It’s worse than ASICs or GPUs atm… minimum 12 weeks delivery time (if you are very lucky). :pouting_cat:
And looking to “alternative” markets there are scalpers everywere.

Well let’s see. It looks like I’ll have to take the long path and test my patience again (as so often when I was too late for a cool new project party) and for the time being I have to be content with trading HNT instead of directly participating to the network. argh :crying_cat_face:

Helium should urgently approve further gateway manufacturers. I see that one or two should be added “soon” (according to the current dev paper), but that’s still not enough for the planned growth (from my POV).

Thanks for your info provided on your channel and keep it up!

All the Best

Thanks for the like!
Feel free to comment on my videos or join my Discord :slight_smile: I do not these forums are where we talk about projects :stuck_out_tongue: Just feature requests and support for Accointing XD


HNT API: Helium APIs | Helium Documentation

Also, HNT is in the top 100 coins!!! :smiley:


Common people. Please vote for addid the Helium Network Wallet tracking.


What ever happened with this? Did it get enough votes to get on the integration list? Would love to get this at some point! Using CSV works, but you have to edit the file before importing it. There are also so many daily deposits that it has to be done very frequently. Let’s keep this alive!

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We need more votes to make this a priority.

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Helium community and its wallets has exploded over last 90 days and will continue to do so. add Helium wallet API please
I upvoted

It’s in the Top 100 coins by market value cap. #61 to be exact.

what more do we need for helium mining inegration?


We need more votes. Votes are how we determine priority :slight_smile: