Helium - The People's Network - Please add wallet tracking

I was wondering if it would be possible for Accointing to add auto-tracking to the Helium wallet transactions. Here is the explorer. PLease upvote in top left id this would be helpful for you :slight_smile:

Here is more information on how I figured out how to get the CSV, but I want to auto track it like my MetaMask.

Hi @MattLong6! Thanks for the information. Hope you get those upvotes!

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How hard is it to integrate this?

Hi @MattLong6! It’s not about how hard it is, but more about allocating the amount of time to projects that will affect the most amount of people. That’s why we leverage on votes to prioritize tasks. I do hope you understand.

I understand, but if it is easy like adding missing coins, it would be nice to add it quickly.
About how many votes do the top suggestions get voted on? I want to know how many people I need to convince :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe Nexo is next, Net Profit and 2FA.

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So about 8 votes to get to the top?

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I got 2 :smiley: me + 1.
Let’s go!!!

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