Group function for wallets

I would like to have a Group function for wallets.
It would make the overview for me much easier!

Hi @Erzengel! This is interesting. Would you mind telling us a bit more about your vision.

Hi Rod,
my vision for the group funktion is, that i can put different wallets into one together. For example i would like to make a risk portfolio were i put my assets with high risk together and than i have a second portfolio were i can combine my assets which have a lover risk.
So i could see how they are devolping. It would make it easer to compare them.


Can’t vote because of the limit but +1 from me.

+1 vote!

In general more sorting function would be nice!
For example, on the overview page, a simple group function: drop down, where you can add coin xyz in group 1,2,3 together etc.! I would like to do that with all my stablecoins, different spaces like NFT, DEFI…


Can this be expanded for multiple live linked coin addresses that all belong to one software wallet? For example if I have VET ADA and ZIL in Atomic and live linked them via address, I want to group them all under Atomic without having to manually import the CSV. Currently they all get separated into individual wallets.

Hey guys! Currently that’s not feasible with your portfolio values but you can create lists via the app. Check it out:

yes, would be a useful feature, for example if you have a ledger. For now, it shows several wallets, e.g. Ledger_BTC; Ledger ETH; Ledger LTC etc. Would be great if that could show up as one.


How we enter it here is exactly how it should get displayed on the Wallets page.


+1 for multiple addresses for single wallet /vote

+1. As some wallets create new addresses all the time, it gets a little crowded.