Generic Service for Dynamic Import

Can we have a generic way to connect data?

Addition to import CSV, can we have an import from a RestAPI that we can just feed to Accointing?
Say I want to write my own converter (blockchain to Accointing supported format), I can just provide the URL with querystring of my address or restful pattern and Accointing can just read my json data (same fields/properties as the CSV).

Right now, I have converter that read blockchain explorers, serialize it to Accointing supported format, and then export it into CSV. Then I have to do this every time I want to update my account (also Accointing does not handle duplicates automatically so I have to handle those before exporting the CSV). I just want to automate my workflow process. Others can probably use it too.

Please send that to our email and we will definitely check out your URL!!!
Possibly even use it!

Please leave a link to this page in our email for context.

Also, is this the feature request you are asking for?

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No - that’s not what he’s asking for. (I know because I want this too!)

At the moment you allow for generic imports via CSV. We arrange the data as you’ve asked in a CSV, upload it, and ta-da the data appears in the wallet on Accointing.

However, some of us can program and generate this data automatically, but we still need to manually intervene to upload it to your site, which is a pain.

So it would be nice to be remove this manual upload step so that the entire process could be automatic.

A couple of examples of how this could be done…

  • You could add an API to allow us to manipulate wallets on Accointing (in a similar way to how you can interact with exchanges using APIs)
  • You could add an interface where users provide a URL where the latest data can be pulled down from (so Accointing loaded that URL, we’d give you the latest data)

Accointing would benefit hugely from this since you’d end up being able to support lots of wallets that you wouldn’t otherwise have the programming manpower to be able to support (because programmers will see that you don’t support their favourite blockchain, and would write some code to provide the missing link between that blockchain and Accointing).

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I’ll share something once I find a hosting service that I can use. It’s currently running on my internal network. I only have support for RoninChain at the moment. I’ll port some of CSV converter to API as well.

If you are requesting to allow these software to automatically be accepted into Accointing, that would be a security issue, as we need to manually review each one.
If you are requesting for this software to be only integrated into your own personal data, that would need to be voted on.

Remember we are also hireing! :smiley:

Into your own personal data :slight_smile:


Awesome, get those votes up, sorry for the confusion