Gemini Earn balances

Any thoughts on supporting Gemini earn? Accointing doesn’t seem to support it so far. At least not for me


I would like this too. So far I’ve had to manually create a “Gemini Earn” wallet and add transactions for each of my transfers in and out of earn. It works but would like it to be automated.

Yeah, this is very important for me too. Everything I have on Gemini is in Gemini Earn, so Accointing mistakenly thinks that I don’t have anything there. Hopefully this will be added/fixed very soon!

I too am having trouble adding Gemini balances and earn. Can you please assist? Thank you

Same here! I’m glad it at least flags that it transferred “out” of my general Gemini wallet, but would still like to have that information available, especially tracking of the interest when it happens for more granular record keeping.