Gemini Earn balances from API

Please add transactions for Gemini Earn from their api. Koinly does it. Missing quite a few apis that other services have no trouble with actually.

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Please add Gemini Earn. I can’t use your services and can’t file accurate taxes if I can’t import all my data. Accointing still has a long way to go before it can be really useful.

I just added Gemini for my Earn account this morning without problem. The only thing I noticed is that it doesn’t appear to contain the interest earnings, just the current balance of GUSD and the USD value.

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Thanks for the info. I’ll try importing mine again.

Will you be using Accointing to file your taxes? If so, won’t you have to show the interest earned? I do hope this can be done automatically instead of using workarounds or entering the info manually.