problem with import VRA token


after importing my wallet I have an issue with Verasity (VRA) token. It shows as ten times the amount I really have in my wallet. I don’t know if this is on your side of things or

Thanks in advance.

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Can you send me the CoinMarketCap link to the coin you hold? It may be possible that the coin that was tracked on was the wrong coin with the same symbol.

Hello Matt,

Coinmarketcap Adress should be this:

I think it is exactly one digit wrong. It should be worth 99.8 $ but it says 998$.

Thanks for the support.

Could you please send me a screenshot of the amount displayed in Accointing? In your Accointing wallet, the transactions dealing with this coin as well as the actual amount that you hold on GateIO? If you do not feel comfortable sending that on this public form, then please DM me the information :slight_smile:

How can I DM you? I have 998 VRA/Verasity Coins. But in Accointing it says 9980 which would be ten times the amount.

Thanks in advance.

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You should be able to just click my name and click message:

If that is not working, send it to our support team :slight_smile:

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:
The reason we ask for your data is that we do not see your data, whatever you put in your Accointing account, is encrypted.

Hi Matt,

I submitted a ticket a few days ago. Please keep me updated if you need more informations than the screenshot I already send. Hopefully this “glitch” can be solved soon.

Thanks for the support!

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Thank you! I have created a bug report for it! :slight_smile: