is showing 10x the actual quantity

From Oct 27 - 2021 - after a refresh - 50% of my coins on are showing 10x the quantity i actually own on For example i own 750 STX on but somehow the latest pull from for last 2 days shows as if i own 7500 STX coins This is happening for many coins like AR, PERP, KAVA, GHST and few more …This has greatly inflated my totals ( i wish i had those many ) . This of course is issuing Review alerts as the accointing balance does not match ( API pull ) balances . i was hoping it would be fixed in last 2 days - but this continues to be an issue …

Same here.

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Maybe it helps that accointing also mentions that the balance reported by doesn‘t equal the balance accointing would have calculated.

Possible that changed something from their side?


I can confirm that I’m having these same issues and it’s throwing my totals off.


Thank you guys for your cooperation, we just hired a new guy whose focus it is to maintain and implement different API connections and the like. So hopefully you will notice fewer and fewer bugs moving forward :slight_smile: As of now, he needs to fix a lot and it is his first week, so let’s give that department some time :slight_smile:

We are aware that when you set a limit order, Accointing displays it as if you have already sold your coins. I will add to the issue that you guys are seeing more coins than you own.

In the meantime would you be willing to send over a Read Only API key so that we can take a deeper look? If so please fill out this form :slight_smile:

In the form please also leave a link to this post so that we have background context :slight_smile:

Dear Matt , thanks for replying . This issue started with the Oct update for Gate API pulls update . The updates for was mentioned in Oct email newsletter. I can provide a list of coins which are seeing this issue - i mentioned few above also. Hopefully this can be resolved soon … i hate seeing the money in my portfolio which i really ( but i wish ) do not own. This messes up all my tracking

I am sorry @bezaar, our support team has been bombarded with support tickets and we have seen an increase of new users. We are working as hard as we can, but we only have so much manpower.

If you know anyone looking for a job, they can learn more about our open positions here: Blockchain and Crypto Industry Jobs at Accointing

As long as you submitted your ticket with the GateIO API information, we should be able to take a deeper look and get back to you :slight_smile:

Hi Matt,

If this would be any help. The API takes concatenated values of the Available and the Locked Balances. An example would be if you have 2000 OMI tokens and then you have 1000 of those in a limit sell order Accointing reads the balance as 10,001,000 rather than 2,000. The balances are returned correctly if you have everything locked or you have everything available.

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Please be aware of a bug with as we work on this fix - When creating a limit order on, Accointing will report on the balance (But not a transaction) as if the coin has already been sold, when in reality the order is still pending. If the order is fulfilled or canceled, it will go back to being correct.

Hey Matt,

the issue is still there even if the order is fullfield. Funny is, that it happens only on Splinterlands(SPS).
On i have 997 Coins of the, on Accounting 9970.
Let me know if you need more information.


So it is one decimal point off? Thank you for that information :slight_smile:
Could you please take a photo of what it shows for that coin in your Accointing wallet, as well as the transactions made with that coins, and then a screenshot of how much you actually hold on

Hey Matt,

here are the Screenshot. Hope it’s all the information you need. Otherwise just ping me again :wink:
Currently i can’t upload all the screenshot in one post and i can’t make multiple post because it’s declared as Spam :sweat_smile:


Transaction balance

same here, 10x the quantity shown for 2 of 4 coins…

Thanks for bringing that to our attention. I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Hi Matt, i am very disappointed that even with the latest Nov monthly update and fixes this issue is still not resolved. Personally i like Accointing a lot and i used it last year to file my crypto taxes. But taking 2 months to resolve a small technical issue ( but which has a outsized impact on the tracking functionality of the software ) is disappointing . It is even reducing my faith that my taxes this year will be calculated properly this year due to such bugs. Every day i log in to accointing to see this issue right in front of me is very annoying.

Previous Oct functionality update introduced this error ( which points to a general lack of integration testing of new updates ) . I will be evaluating ZenLedger this year for my crypto taxes . Before i get 100% locked ( due to the volume of tnxs ) i would want to choose a software whose team can move faster to fix self inflicted issues - leave aside updates.


I am very sorry to hear that, I understand you feel disappointed @bezaar. With crypto-only almost 13 years old, this is a relatively young and booming industry. We know that we have not been able to get bugs and new features out as fast as we would like. We have hired a new person for exchange/wallet issues, and have been in training and such.

Last month, Binance and Coinbase both changed their API without giving warning, so we were working hard on that since more of our Accointing users use these 2 exchanges over, it took priority.
We are working on now.

Thanks Matt - looking forward for speedy resolution of issues

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Thanks Matt - looks like the bigger issue of 10x coins has been resolved . Hence my overall totals are now looking good . But still there are many unresolved new issues - of things like double the number of coins in “review” section. For example earlier If i had 45 PERP - it showed 450 PERP on and 45 on accointing ( which inflated the overall total 10x ) - Now it shows 45 PERP on and 90 on accointing - generating “review” alerts but fixing the overall value total.

It also is double / triple counting other coins on accointing side. Issues have now popped up on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro also . I will give some more time to the developer to fix these issues. But by no means this issue is 100% resolved .

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Please add comments and such to this for the duplication issue we are having right now - Help! Duplicate Transactions - #17