integration via API

14 votes, so I hope so!
@Rod ?

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I just upgraded my script to accomodate Quantitative trading

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I cannot get my account to show up correctly, despite (to my knowledge) downloading the full date range of deposit, withdrawl, and trade history csv’s.

Thanks for the initiative - when I import into accointing with the suggested method there are all sorts of mistakes like sells marked as buys etc.

I have created the CSV with your tool but how do I now import this into accointing? I trade to upload it via add wallet but got an error.

have you tried those 3 types of files?

To upload the file created by my script:

Select manual > accointing template > next

Timezone to use is UTC

Select the file and save


Awesome thanks - one last question, it is prompting for a currency it doesn’t know (INV) - what is the best practice for such a scenario?

type in the name of the crypto and see if a match is found. If not, request that INV be added to list of supported coins\tokens

INV has been added. Should be available today at 11:00 p.m. GMT

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Any update on API integration? It’s been 3 months since this feature request. has APIv2 and APIv4 keys. I don’t know enough about these but is it possible to work on this?

24 votes so far. That is a lot.

Hey guys! Working on the Gate .io API still! Stay tuned!

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Hey guys!!! now has API support!!! See the update notes here: Update 2021/18/05
Please try it out and let us know if you run into any issues!


With the new API for users are forced to create a new wallet, it would be nice to allow them to add to their existing Manually added wallet.

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Just a quick reminder to use v4 API key, v2 are not setup for Accointing:

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Also remember to delete duplicate transactions :slight_smile: And reclassify anything.

Has anyone else noticed an issue where the API does not seem to share if we deposit it something from another account? Such as if I send some LTC from Coinbase to


I also noticed that the Dust Sweep feature on does not show up on the Accointing API. I had to add it manually.

I am unsure why, but it also did not get my hardfork airdrop of XEM → XYM distributed to me on 3/17/2021

Any updates on the issue where the API doesn’t import deposits and withdrawals?

Hey guys, thanks to @MattLong6 for helping us out with some issues :slight_smile:
We now fixed the deposits and withdrawals so that they show up now :slight_smile:

Sadly the Dust Sweep feature to convert small amounts of coins into GT is not available in GateIO’s API so we are unable to track that automatically. Until they add this data via their API, I would suggest manually adding this as in order in Accointing.

Also, sadly the same issue for Airdrops (and Hardforks). We were unable to test this out to see for sure, so feel free to DM me if you receive an airdrop on GateIO and let me know if it shows up automatically or not :slight_smile: