integration via API

I know is supported via csv currently but since they have an API it would be more efficient than having to update data using the accointing template.

I agree. Native API support would make it much simpler to use with Accointing.


Hi @chemicallymark @droblesa! Let’s get some upvotes to get this going.

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Voted! Please please please add :smiley:


How are you people managing your data updates right now?

manually. it’s a pain in the ass…:slight_smile:

@chemicallymark @droblesa Thank you for upvoting! I really want this API as well!

I also want BlockFi and CoinDeal (In orfer of importance).


@MattLong6 for blockfi you can delete the exchange, DL all transactions via csv and then re-add blockfi.

Its better than manual adds :wink:

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Who marked that as a solution? That’s a terrible solution, we want API integration!

I hate doing things manually. If I can find a way to automate it I will.

I noticed that if you do CSV import in accointing for using the trades, deposit and withdrawl csv files, your data set is incomplete if you are earning any PoS rewards and have to do that manually. I did find a csv file that you can download in billing details that includes the transactions for the PoS rewards, trades, deposits and withdrawals.

I wrote a VBS script that parses that csv file and creates an accointing template file for manual upload.

I’m willing to share if anyone is interested. I can post the code here and you can cut and paste into a txt file then change the extention to vbs.

To run the script you have to have Excel loaded on your computer. Then its just drag the csv file on to the vbs script and it will do its thing.


Hi @droblesa this is amazing! Thanks for helping out. Maybe you can share it with us and if it works out, we can name the file after you in the platform.


I have created a mega site and uploaded the script there. Here is a link convert_gate.io_1.0.vbs

A few things to be aware of:

  1. Input file is generated by going to Account Setting > My Funds > Billing Details set your date filter preferences and then download the csv.

  2. To run the script, drag the downloaded CSV file on to your saved VBS script

  3. Output file name is “input file name converted.xls” and will be placed where the input file resides

  4. This assumes you only have a spot trading wallet. If you have other types of waltets (margin, contract, options, etc) it will combine all this data into one Excel spreadsheet. I can accomodate these other types of wallets but I would have to see an export so I can do so because I don’t have any of them at this time.

  5. In my limited data set, exchanges are represented by 3 different transactions (Trade Fee, Order Fullfilled, Order Placed) in the CSV file in succession that are combined into one order transaction.


Updated the script to account for Exchange small balances to GT and Adjusted script so it only makes an accointing template for Spot Trading Account.



Of course its not a solution but at least using csv downloads is much quicker than manual additions 1x at a time.

API would be much better!

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Love it! Hopefully Accointing will integrate your hard work directly into the website so that we do not have to use your script :smiley:

Even though I do not use the exchange at the moment I still think it is great to add API for since I guess many people had this exchange years ago.

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Anyone here using Grid Trading?

Thanks for the upvote!


Upvoted :+1: has a lot of coins/tokens not listed on major exchanges and so really useful to have.


Any news of this? is getting more popular these days.

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