csv imports failing

Followed the instructions, downloaded my trade history, deposit history. Since I have no withdrawals yet there is no file for that. I tried the two, and gives a failed to upload error. So, I made a mock withdrawal from the deposit by leaving the header and deleting the data but… it still did not work.


Though, API would be nice - I need one of the two to work…

Hi! I’m sorry to hear that. Let me see if we can help. @MattLong6 does this happen for you as well? Did you have to look for a workaround for this? Please advise.

@Phases please vote for API here: integration via API

@Rod I have only done my manually, so I would not know.

Yeah I voted there. Thanks,

I wrote a VB Script to make a accointing template file for upload from the Billing Details export on

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Hello droblesa,

Thank you for your Skript.

I have a Question how can i read the readme File on you Folder ?

For the Trades on did i need the Fullfilied File or Order Placed ?

Thank you very mutch.

  1. Log in into your account and navigate to your account page (
  2. Get your trades file from ‘Trade History’, deposits file from ‘Recent Deposits’, and withdrawals file from ‘Recent Withdrawals’
  3. Be sure to select a time range that includes all of your activity for each file
  4. Upload all three files to Accointing

the readme is a simple txt document so you can open in notepad. For my script I use the the export generated from Billings Detail. Click on Wallet > Funds Over View > Billing Details > All Bills. After that set the date range and then export.