"buy/sell orders" are missing coins

Hey, I have problems in
When I set a buy order for any coin, accointing tells me this amount of coin is missing, can you fix this, please?
Would be an important improvement for me…
Thank You! :slight_smile:

Have you hit the refresh button?
Can you send me screenshots?

Hey, yeah sure.
I took 2 screenshots.
One shows my orders at gate io and like on Binance and other Exchances this amount is locked.

And on accointing it just says (via API) the ammount is missing.

Maybe there were fees that the API did not pick up or charged the wrong coin? But a -1 of BNB is more than a fee. :thinking:
I will add this to a bug report that we have started about this.

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What we have found so far is that it is something to do with internal transactions.
How many internals do you have going in or going out of

it has to be the “locked” amount because I added some new “SELL ORDERS” and just the same amount is now missing on accointing …
so it shows always the wrong amount as long as I have orders in place… and I need the orders.
and I think I read this error also in other feature requests here on accointing…
paid a lot of money here… would be a help if you can fix it.
Thank You!

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I’ll ask our team to look at it.

Can you please fill out this for so that we can take a deeper look?

The miscalculation error should be fixed now. Please refresh your wallets and let me know if it is working now :smiley:

Hey Matt, I am glad you came back on me! I refreshed all wallets 5 times. Unfortunately it didn’t work, but I am going to try it tomorrow again!

Now I refreshed several times a day and waited…
Unfortunately its not fixed. I still have the same old problem, nothing has changed…
Would be cool, if you can look over it again!

Did you already send us a ticket? If so can you reply to that and tell them that you are still experiencing the error?
Maybe lease a link to this page for context :slight_smile:

We got your ticket and looking deeper into the issue now

Thank you, can’t wait for this fix!

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I was told that we were able to fix this issue, please refresh your wallet and let me know! :smiley:

Hey Matt, thanks for coming back, but unfortunately it still doesn’t work… Now it just took longer to refresh. (nearly am hour) and I see still the same misscalculation… :frowning:

Hey @matzelu we thought that we fixed the issue, I just did a test and see that indeed there is still an issue with the limit orders. I will check with our team to see if they either have not pushed the fix live yet or if they need to take another look at it.

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Yeah, I’ve noticed. Now the prices are extrem high, haha suddenly I have got 5 mil. now …
But it kinda cheers me up, at least, because thats how I see, that you guys are working on it.

Is the error you are received seem to be the same amount as with the internals you made with that coins and the fees associated with that internal?

Hi, no the internals are not effected.
When is switch to “Full Data Set” the number are correct, but when I am on the Portfolio Overview page everything is wrong… not one amount of gate is correct…

I already sent E-Mails with screenshots to the Support.

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