Gate IO balance issue

The api from gate io is reporting balance in usdt only that is available.

The mount in orders is not reporting to the balance.

I hope you solve this


This is a known bug with

Known bug: When creating a limit order on, Accointing will report on the API as if the coin has already been sold, when in reality the order is still pending.

How could I solve this?

Please be patient as we work hard at trying to fix the bug from our end :slight_smile:
Notice that this only affects the display of the coins that you currently hold, it does not affect the tax calculations when you look into the full data set.

Hi Matt, Can you please updated if there has been any progress or not as it seems so many people are experiencing the same issue for Mine is getting even worse as it was only different balance on USDT which is expanded to all assets and limit orders at the moment. This causes bigger issue when chasing total balance on portfolio as it’s a main key for me to track my trades and execute my plans and so on.

@Matt @Luca Could somebody please update regarding API issue?

Update: We just hired 2 more guys whose job it is to focus on implementing and maintaining .csv/API/Wallets connections and the like.
There are a lot of bugs that they are fixing with other wallets/exchanges at the moment. Let’s give that department some time :slight_smile: