[Full Data Set View] Add Data -> new internal Tx -> Send from/to -> Create New Wallet

Hi folks,

it would be great if one could choose ‘Create new wallet’ when selecting the ‘Send to/from’ fields in the ‘Add new data’ dialog. That would allow for a lot faster data processing, .e.g.

  • when clarifying the origins of forked coins: Often it is not enough to mark them as ‘airdrop’ because the timestamp of acquisition is relevant for its taxation. The creation of a new wallet which marks its airdrop with actual timestamp of the drop is hence what often needs to be done.
  • when moving funds between different L2 sidechains which are not yet supported
  • when moving funds to paper wallets

Note: It would be particularly helpful, if this dialog would pop up when marking an yet ‘unclassified’ transactions as internal. Then most of the data could already be prefilled, like ‘Date’, ‘Send from’, and ‘Details’. All which would be left to do is create a new wallet and one could continue with the classifications and later one review each of the newly created wallets.

Thank you for your consideration

Please also consinder voting on those two improvements for working with the ‘Full Data Set View’ interface:

Thank you for the feedback, I will forward it to our team :slight_smile:

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