Full Data Set: token price on each transaction


Honestly, I can’t believe the app is missing this information because it’s the base of calculation for the average price. In Full Data Set, I can’t see the token price on transactions. Why? So, there is no way to check at what price I bought or sold a token. Maybe I’m missing something, I really hope it.


It should tell you the cost basis and sales proceed when you have an order transaction:

I see you wish you could see the value of the coins at the moment you deposited and withdrew them as well on the full data set.

Does the portfolio overview/performance and the Tax Trading Optimizer (TTO) have the information you need?

Yep, it’s really important, a must, know the token price on each transaction. It’s a basic reference and I don’t understand why you don’t have it in Accounting. I just checked in the Android App and isn’t available neither.

The portfolio overview and performance, don’t show transactions so the information isn’t there. I think this is something very simple to add by the dev team.

Thank you guys.

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Some news about this? It’s something very simple; you are already calculating the token price in the price graph, in the homepage (price > show buy / sells). I don’t understand why you can’t add this simple information in the full data set on each transaction. Thanks again.

nothing yet, cool…