FTX USD-USDT-USDC withdraws/deposits

Hi guys,

FTX manages USD-USDT-USDC in one account.

Bob wants to send 1000 USDT from FTX to a ETH account, both tracked via accointing.

What happens:
Bob sends 1000 USDT via FTX USD account and FTX auto converts the USD to USDT and sends it.

The wallet entries accointing creates:
FTX 1000 USDT to USD
FTX -1000 USDT
ETH account +1000 USDT

Whats wrong here:
FTX doesnt show any USDT amount. So after Bob sent the USDT, FTX wallet in accointing shows wrong funds (-2000 USDT and 1000 USD)

How to fix:
the first trade should be 1000 USD to 1000 USDT.

Also happenings with deposits to FTX.

Yes, I also experienced an issue similar to this today.


  • I sent X amount of BUSD from my FTX USD wallet to an external account.

What Accointing showed after syncing: (which really stuffs up the balances)

  • X BUSD – sent to – destination
  • X BUSD – converted to – X USD
  • X BUSD – converted to – X USD

What Accointing should show:

  • X USD – converted to – X BUSD
  • X BUSD – sent to – destination

As Matt suggested in another thread, I have emailed support@accointing.com about the issue.

Here’s the other thread mentioning the issue:

A bug report has already been reported thank you :slight_smile:

I have created a bug for it and will keep you posted once this is fixed. I appreciate your time and patience.

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Hey, guys Can you test it now, should be working!