FTX Sub Account support?

Can you please add FTX Subaccount support? Currently only supports single default accounts. Many of us traders use multiple Sub-Accounts.

Hi @myncrypto! Thanks for the feedback. ACCOINTING.com prioritizes features based on a voting mechanism: the more votes you get, the faster it moves in the pipeline. These allows us to create features that generate a higher impact across the entire community. I hope you get some upvotes! Rooting for you.


I really need that feature as well! its the only thing keeping me from moving all tracking/tax to accointing! voted for it. :smile:


same here. I need that to file my taxes with you guys.


Yes it would be a great option to have.


It seems that this particular Feature could be handled or is similar to my request for multiple portfolios. I am currently using different exchanges/Accounts in order to mange the same kinds of things that FTX allows you to do with Sub Accounts. (Balances/Starting points/Tax consequences)

If this feature (FTX Sub Accounts support) was rolled into the request for “Multiple Portfolios”, then both FTX users and those that have other means of getting at the same result could be served.
The way I see it is, on the roughest level, being able to manage multiple complete accounts inside of a single Accointing account. Cross account/portfolio functions could be added later. Does this make sense myncrypto? Or is there something significantly different with the feature that you are requesting?


@myncrypto for your reference

voted for it and dearly need it - this feature really keeps me from moving my accounts to FTX as I need the Accointing Tax feature…

Yeah, this feature is really needed. FTX has one of the most powerful features available on exchanges right now with subaccounts.

Indeed, any news on that? Accointing is basically useless for me otherwise :frowning: