FTX - Missing Funding Fees

Hey there,

while manually “fixing” my FTX account withing accounting I noticed that the API is not delivering funding fees that are older than 2021-08-04 09:00:00.

Fees past this datetime are available. At the same time the data is available on the FTX Account itself even for export.

Not sure if this is a bug or the data is not available any longer via the API.



I will have the team look into this, thank you!

Are you using Margin trading?
I will look into this.

I am using Futures trading, yes. But from my point of view that should not be the problem in itself, as there are funding fees imported via API. Just the missing time frame is a bit curious.

The missing parts from Futures trading is on FTX’s side, not Accointing’s. As FTX does not provide that data via their API.

Allright, thanks Matt for taking the time and checking it out for me!

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You are welcome, if FTX sends us the Futures data, we will be sure to upgrade it on our side :smiley: