FTX API update / subaccount problems

Since the update on 12th Aug, the FTX API now brings in the current balances and all trades (fills/conversions) from subaccounts, however it doesn’t bring in deposits and withdrawals from the subaccounts.

Therefore I am getting reconciliation errors relating to balances transferred from my main account to a sub account or vice-versa. e.g.
If I transfer $100 from the main account to subaccount, the API is picking up the -$100 withdrawal from main account but not the $100 deposit on sub account. However, on the final reconciliation it is picking up the current balance of $0 on main account and $100 on subaccount and therefore telling me my balance on FTX is $100 but Accointing calculates $0.

I also question if this is the way most customers would want to view FTX sub accounts on Accointing, by lumping it all together?

My preference would be to identify any subaccounts separately from the main account and therefore have multiple FTX wallets within Accointing - is this possible with the FTX API? e.g. my main account is used for hodl and subaccount is used for shorter term trades - it helps to keep these details separate for portfolio management and tax tracking reasons. But maybe I use it differently to others?

Previously I was able to manually load data via CSV for my subaccounts (which I was ok with), however I now cannot do this as the API is functioning in a kinda half way position.

Thanks team.

I have the same problem. Please look at the ticket and vote if you want. FTX Sub Account support?

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vote here for sub-account support.