Frictionless Yield Coins Update Coin balances

Vote here if you would like to see Accointing automatically keep updated with frictionless Yield Coins balances.
I am aware of the following coins that do this: Safemoon, SOAR, and RFI.
Feel free to comment other coins that do something like this and make sure to vote if you would like to see this feature.

This is desperately needed as now i have 3 of them, and they dont track the correct amount of coin in my wallet. To fix the problem Accointing would need to check the amounts of each coin stored in a wallet address when automatically refreshing the wallet to get the new transactions. It would then need to give the missing currency notification if the numbers don’t match, as well as have a feature to automatically reconcile the missing currency.

Some more coins I found that do this is… Gorilla-Fi (GFI), Safecomet, and SLAM.

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