Frictionless Yield Coins Update Coin balances

Vote here if you would like to see Accointing automatically keep updated with frictionless Yield Coins balances.
I am aware of the following coins that do this: Safemoon, SOAR, and RFI.
Feel free to comment other coins that do something like this and make sure to vote if you would like to see this feature.

This is desperately needed as now i have 3 of them, and they dont track the correct amount of coin in my wallet. To fix the problem Accointing would need to check the amounts of each coin stored in a wallet address when automatically refreshing the wallet to get the new transactions. It would then need to give the missing currency notification if the numbers don’t match, as well as have a feature to automatically reconcile the missing currency.

Some more coins I found that do this is… Gorilla-Fi (GFI), Safecomet, and SLAM.

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Please add $FEG (ETH & BNB sides), listed on CoinGecko & CMC
FEG BSC - FEGtoken (FEG) Token Tracker | BscScan
FEG ERC - FEGtoken (FEG) Token Tracker | Etherscan

@Neekz FEG is available:
image Note I assume this is the ETH version as we can only support tokens that are on CoinMarketCap. FEGtoken price today, FEG live marketcap, chart, and info | CoinMarketCap

If you would like to see Accoinying to expand to also accept CoinGecko, please vote for this :slight_smile:

Once we Accointing accepts CoinGecko as well, out in a request for the BSV version and I am sure we can find a way to add it :slight_smile:

Yeah, but the updated coin balances are never correct :confused:

I’ve got Bonfire, which I was successfully able to add through Binance Smart Chain Wallet (even though its actually held on Trust Wallet), but it only shows my initial purchase, not the current balance with the added yield coins.

Vote here to help fix this :slight_smile:


I just got word that VTHO is also a Frictionless Yield Coin.

In the last half year hundreds of frictionless yield coins appeared working with a redistribution tax. Specially in the BNC ecosystem this almost got the standard.

HOGE - like Doge just deflationairy
CUMMIES - CumRocket Adult Content platform

Are just two bigger ones.

Then there was also

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The Coin Rhythm also needs this type of implementation:

Thanks in advanced

Here is a similar but different post.

Support for SafeMoon reflections would be very welcomed! This is popular thing.

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So this is a weird case as the laws are not specific in this area, though I am unsure of your country as well. Therefore it is up to the user to classify as they want depending on how they chose to treat this kind of transaction. For example, with loans, the collateral should not be taxable, therefore, it should be an internal transfer as if it was staking, but the keyword is should. if someone wants to be super conservative they could do it as a trade. Similar to a LP, you can treat as a deposit or taxable event, or as if you are staking.

As of now, you need to keep track of this manually.

Please add Shinobi (SHINJA) reflections.

Yes, this is urgently needed and actually easy to set up. There is plenty of tokens like that. For example titano or sphere. Titano alone has 80k holders.

Regarding tokens like titano, actually there is a way for you to see the actual amount of it.

For example the tools

  • zerion
  • debank

Another one would be to just machine read the entry of with a wallet id that has been entered. See this example :

Here you would go down to the magnifying glass and enter the wallet ID and get all transactions of that.

This could be done via a normal crawler. This principle could be adapted to other coins as well. All of the above would be a quite easy to add feature in the tool from my perspective.

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Ah and I forgot the coolest part. You can track for the exact amount on a set date see example here

By that you could easily add the difference and current value in a fully automatic way.

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