FOTO token changed to untracked on Coinmarketcap - how to handle?

OK, bit of a weird question here. Just trying to understand how to handle this one and how to proceed.
I have the coin FOTO (uniqueone photo) which is listed on both Coinmarketcap and Coingecko.
Recently Biki, their main exchange outside of Uniswap, delisted the coin and since then the value on Coinmarketcap has been screwed up (basically twice the value seen on Coingecko, which takes the value from Uniswap).

Due to this, now to things have happened.
1- I collected an airdrop that was valued at twice the correct value ($0.02 as per CMC with no markets behind it, versus $0.01 as per Coingecko which uses Uniswap as base). As a consequence, the paid value is too high which means I need to pay more income tax over these coins?
2- Now, CMC has changed the status to market data untracked meaning Accointing can’t take a value for the coins in my portfolio.

So my questions,

  • Is there any way to get the correct valuation on the coin when I collected the airdrop? I’m all for paying my taxes but would prefer to not OVERpay them.
  • If I now decide to trade the coins on Uniswap, will accointing take the sales value and compare that to my original (inflated) purchase price and then take that as the net loss/win - even though there is no current value being shown for the coins in my portfolio?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

And the links to CMC / Coingecko.