Form 8949 for US Taxes

How do you Download Your Form 8949? What steps do I need to take and where to I click?

I have reconciled all my accounts but when I go to generate the form in the tax area nothing happens and this form isn’t generated.

Please advise.

You access the report by Starting The Report, and making a purchase (if you haven’t done so already). It’ll then walk you through the steps and download the report to your computer once done. If you’ve gone through those steps already and it wont download the report, it might be that your firewall or popup blocker is blocking the download. if you haven’t purchased yet, you can try downloading the sample report to see what it’ll look like.

Thank you for your reply and reaching out. What you mention however is not the problem. I am able to download the reports, however when I download them either as “I file with my CPA” or “I file alone” neither are generating a 8949 (see attached screen shots of the files which it says will be generated AND a screen shot of the files which are available to unzip).

Any help would be greatly appreciated it. I want to make sure I signed up for a service which will actually help me get a 8949 for tax purposes. I need to make sure uncle sam is paid up! Thanks again!


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I did find this link although i’m not sure if it’ll help

It seems like the combination of all those documents is the report you need. i don’t know what a form 8949 actually looks like though so i’m not sure. Clarification on this would be helpful.

8949 is essentially the official document you give your accountant or file on your with the IRS in the United States for your taxes. It accounts for all your short term and long term trades.

According to the accointing platform it should get generated after you input all your data and in the tutorial videos that are dated from mid to late 2020 it shows it should be getting generated for me.

I am not sure it it is not. I have reached out to support. They responded to me on Twitter that will will check and circle back to me tomorrow.

Thank you for trying to help.

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Here @benito997 and @alantbarlow I have a video walking your through it :slight_smile: Timestamps in the description.