Football Tokens

What are your thoughts on Barca, Milan, PSG, etc tokens?

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Late to the party, here, but I think this is a topic worth discussing.

I have no interest in football, but I love these tokens: they have the potential to be the perfect use-case to demonstrate to the public how crypto can work for them, in things they care about.

Focussing on football clubs, initially, was a great strategic move since those fans are notoriously hardcore; they’re more likely to overcome their reluctance to engage with crypto in order to feel they have a small piece of agency within their respective clubs.

Hopefully, this is just the beginning, but it all really depends on how well these clubs sustain the token programme.

I agree. I think especially now that people are not allowed to go to stadiums it can definitely make a difference as long as the clubs come up with initiatives that actually engage with their fans. There needs to be a club that steps up their game and that can actually come up with something cool to generate that awareness of the token. I know huge Barca fans that haven’t even heard of the token