File Update Failed

After attempting to upload a file the red warning “File Update Failed. Upload a Valid File. Re-try.” banner comes up at the bottom of the corresponding exchange box (Bittrex, Coinbase, Poloniex, whatever). The banner covers up the See Transactions button so you cannot look at the old transactions specific to that exchange, and I see no way of removing the red banner. Signed out, logged back in, it is still there.

Is there a fix? Am I missing something?

The ‘offending’ file has been sent to support, but I am still wondering in the meantime how to remove the stupid banner.

Can you send me a screenshot of this and I can put in a bug report? It should disappear after like 30 secs.

now what? it is still there…and won’t let me update my connection to bittrex… should i delet it and reconnect?

Okay, so that is the red banner you were talking about. Thank you, I thought you meant a different thing.
To see your transactions, please click here:

What did email support say?
What do you need my help with?