Few questions regarding tax reporting

Hello there. I am considering buying a subscription to your service but i have quite a few questions that I can’t seem to get around.

  1. After participating in an ICO , i received 20% of the tokens immediately, and the rest are vested for a certain period of time ( I can withdraw a % every hour for 2 months, whenever I want) . What should transactions that are withdrawing these vested tokens be classified as?

  2. And more importantly, after selling my now withdrawn tokens (from the ICO ) accointing gives me a cost basis that is totally wrong. I paid 0.20$ for each one of them tokens and sold them for $3.4 each but because the transaction was token → weth → usdc , the platform gives me no option to change the cost basis or what I paid for these tokens.
    This makes the tax calculation totally wrong. How can I input what I paid for, for tokens in an ICO ?

  3. If a cryptocurrency token is not on your database, what can i do? For instance, the platform does not recognise the Binance USD token (BUSD) , and I get this red dot on the top right asking me to review . I’ve got other unrecognised tokens as well, how can I sort this?

  4. What do I classify and transaction as, if I sold some cryptocurrency tokens over the counter for fiat ? There is no way for me to add how much I got for them .

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Is there anyone who can help?