Fetch Coin data from more than CoinMarketCap

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My feature request is for Accointing to branch outside of CoinMarketCap for some coins. I know that CoinMarketCap does not have every coin. This would be useful for dead coins or coins that are too small-cap for CoinMarketCap to list, etc.
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A List of coins that I know of that are not on CoinMarketCap


BBD (CoinDeal) BBD is live on CoinDeal! | CoinDeal - safe crypto exchange
BTC0 (Uphold) Buy BTC0 - Buy Bitcoin Zero - Uphold
UPCO2 (Uphold) UPCO2 - Carbon Credits - Uphold

I am unsure the solution as to adding these coins, but I am sure the info can be fetched from somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like UPCO2 to be fetch too. :slight_smile:

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i made a similar feature request, if you want to see that request which is specific to CoinGecko you can check it out and vote for it here.