Fee not deducted from zero value withdraw

I’m running an oracle node that deducts a small transaction fee every time the node mints a block. These withdrawal transactions fees were uncategorized by Accointing. I categorized them as fees, but it doesn’t look like the system is reducing the amount because the value is 0. How can I correct this?

Hey @keith can you help me understand the issue you are having a little bit better?
I see that this transaction already has the Fee listed.
So what the system is saying is that no coins were transferred but there is a transaction fee. Therefore it is automatically classified as a fee without you needing to classify it.

Hi @Matt, the problem is the system is showing I have 4.3 BNB, which isn’t correct because all of the fees should be reducing the amount of BNB. Currently, there is only 0.4 BNB left in that wallet.


It’s also possible the below issue may be contributing to the balance of BNB being off?

Here’s a graphical representation of the issue. After 10/10 the fee transactions stop showing because Accointing is no longer adding the transactions from wallet. It’s only showing the buys from the exchange account.