Fear and Greed Index

Hey there, is it possible to implement the fear and greed index and other metrics into the app? Would be a nice and handy feature.

EDIT: I read about several services like coin metrics and token metrics. That would be pretty neat feature if the app would give ratings for undervalued and overvalued coins and tokens.
Maybe with a warning, that accointing isnt responsible for possible losses. But would be a great thing.

Hi @bennywindolph! This is a great idea! I will talk with Product about this. Have you tried our bullish/bearish feature? What are your thoughts?

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Yes but maybe this has to be much more precise with data from indices and metrics. I would not buy anything right now after looking at this bullish/bearish cake chart :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Another possibility could be to track anonymously which coins and tokens users are buying and create a list of it.