Fat client application for Mac or Windows

Hello Accointing !

Thank you very much for a very useful and beautiful web application.

Now, given the appeal of Cryptocurrencies is its decentralised nature, offering privacy and avoiding a central point of control and knowledge, it seems counter-intuitive to me to offer up all my API keys, and XPUBs etc into one single place.

I realise you are in Switzerland, and that you promise to be careful with your (my !) data. But still…

Might it be possible to have a self-hosted version that runs on a Mac, or Windows machine ? Even a server in a docker image where I’d point my browser to localhost, if that makes coding it easier ? That way all my secrets would stay in one place… on MY equipment.

There are open source projects (rotki.com) that offer exactly this privacy.

I, for one, would be happy to pay both a sale price for such a version, as well as a monthly licence fee.

Privacy is important to me, and probably to the majority of Crypto users. Centralising everything into accointing.com, even in Switzerland, seems odd.

Many thanks for considering it - it would make Accointing unbeatable !

I would be happy to help port / write this if Accointing were agreeable to this. Hopefully others could pitch in also.

Also - I said mac/wiindows, but that also includes linux. Ideally either

  1. accointing makes available a docker image (so no source code is published) for customers to buy and run.
  2. or Accointing exposes enough for a team (under NDA, etc) to start porting.

Please support this call ! Thank you.