Fail generate tax repport

hi i cant generate tax repport ,i got 2 differant bug when trying…

1-page stop working and goes into error i tryed with differant browser and deleting my cahce it didnt change anything

2-sometime i get a error and then i dld the repport and the files is empty.

Got to the page and try clearning your catche.
On Chrome and Brave the shortcut would be:
Ctrl + Shift + R
Then try again, if the error persists, please take a screenshot and post it here.

i said i delete the cache…its not working

Interesting, I was able to just fine.
What is your package that you bought? It says in your settings.
And are you using a VPN by chance, we have found that users that do use a VPN have issues downloading their tax reports when they assert their location in a different country than the one they are printing their taxes for.

i dont use any vpn …i ahve the pro package, and btw i just realize that you guys says u suport canada tax report but in canada we need the ajusted cost average wich u dont have…can i ask for refund?