Extra 25K ALU in Accointing MetaMask BSC

My actual MetaMask BSC wallet clearly has 2300 ALU balance.
Accointing MetaMask BSC Wallet shows 27300 ALU. I have been back through MetaMask transactions in Accointing and also reconciled to the Accointing Altura Staking “Wallet” I created (which is recording the correct balance held Staked and reporting that in Wallet & Portfolio correctly) . All transactions are properly recorded and when manually reconciled arrive at a 2300 ALU balance in MetaMask but , as stated shows 27300 ALU in Wallet and this additional 25K ALU is reported in Portfolio balance.

So you already check your transaction history for your BSC Metamask wallet and have found no transaction issues from your actual transaction history?
Has the ALU always been in your Metamask? Or was there an internal transaction? The internal transaction may be missing the fee.

Would you be willing to send me your public address?