Exodus wallet coin not listed

On the Connect Wallet or Exchange, in the app (Android). In the Add Wallet [+] add Exodus Wallet. The DOGE coin is not listed.
Could you fix/add?
Thank you

Hi @salvapost! We will take a look at this and get back to you! Thanks for letting us know.

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A lot of the coins supported in the exodus wallet are missing. Best way to get exodus wallet info into Accointing is CSV export but even that is a mess (exodus problem). The exodus exports don’t properly report Staking Rewards and Staking Claims fees.

I would love to see ALGO, ATOM, ONT, ONG, GAS and VTHO added to connection by Address for Exodus Wallets.


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Please vote here:

ALGO: Algorand support
ATOM: Cosmos (ATOM) Wallet
ONT: Please add your own feature request for ONT @Hessian19 may have already made one.
GAS: Please add your own feature request for GAS
VET/VTHO: VeChain (VET) - Tracking support for Wallets - #13 by pizzamann